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                                        Tianchen Machine Group

                                        An enterprise group with strong capital, technical strength, good capital institutions and social reputation

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                                        Tianchen owns the top machine equipment industry, including CNC flexible machining center, CNC machine, large-scale milling machine and other equipment, with digital machining workshop, sheet metal welding workshop, sandblasting and shot blasting workshop. By completing the digital upgrade of production equipments, the manufacturing precision and processing capability are continuously improved from the hardware, ensuring the quality and precision of the key components of the product, thus ensuring the stability and non-differentiation of the whole product.

                                        • 1995

                                          Founded in

                                        • 300MILLION

                                          Net assets

                                        • 100000m2

                                          Floor area(Ten thousand m2)

                                        • 1500

                                          Total number of employees

                                        ABOUT TIANCHEN


                                        ABOUT TIANCHEN

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